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2.Supporting the World of Optics

2.Supporting the World of Optics

FOD Unit (Fine optical device business)

Our modern digital society and LCD displays form an inseparable bond.

The demand for LCD panels, touch panels and vehicle display panels is increasing year by year.

Our fine optical device (FOD) business incorporates the backlight development and manufacturing technology which has been cultivated by our SBC business into our business of manufacturing everything from compact in-vehicle displays through to large 98-inch displays, as well as our precision laminating activities and the associated film processing activities.

In December 2019 we established Chatani Opto-Electronics Science and Technology (Suzhou) Co.,LTD in the city of Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, People’s Republic of China, and after a short run-in period of one year, the company is now in full operation. This company operates with technological support from Japanese manufacturers which are among the world’s leading technological companies in the field of precision laminating processing in the field of backlighting and with the full cooperation of K-Tronics (Suzhou) Technology Co., Ltd., part of the BOE Technology Group which is the largest manufacturer of LCD panels in China.

Our FOD business mainly involved precision laminating of display components such as touch panels and LCD displays.

In the future we hope to expand the scope of our precision laminating business to encompass laminating processing in fields other than displays and electronic components.

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