2. company outline
  3. Brief History


Brief History


The predecessor of T. Chatani & Co., Ltd. was founded as an exporter of miscellaneous goods, including highly successful cultured peals , to Europe and The US.


Tokyo branch office opened(1936)
Takeo Chatani & Co., Ltd. incorporated with J.Yen 1 million of capital(1937)
Exported toys, stationery, sports goods, household goods and other miscellaneous goods, chiefly metal slide fasteners, to the US


Established branches and liaison offices in New York, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Mukden and Tsinan
Trade name changed to T. Chatani & Co., Ltd(1943)
Resumed exports to the US as soon as embargo was lifted after WWII.
Expanded business to other countries


Started export of tires and automobiles to the Middle East, laying the groundwork for the exports of Japanese automobiles


Started dealing in construction, farming and materials handling machinery First imported woven straw handbags from China, paving the way to today’s trade in Chinese interior decorating goods Started import of Seculate(an anti-condensation compound)
and Cerinol(a waterproof material)
Was designated a Japan-China friendly trading company (1964)
Chatani’s success in promoting trade recognized by presentation of the first Prime Minister’s Award(1964)
Established Chatani Jewelry Co., Ltd(1968)
Masahiro Chatani assumed the presidency (1968)
Started import of machine tools and metal cutting tools from the US and Switzerland (1969)
Capital increased to J.Yen million(1969)


Started exporting quality precision bolts, nuts, hand tools, st ainless steel pipes and other leading Japanese goods to the US and Europe
Established a liaison office in Dusseldorf (1973)
Established a liaison office in Jeddah(Saudi Arabia)(1975)
Established a liaison office in Beirut(Lebanon)(1975)
Established Chatani U.K. Ltd. in London(1976)
Established a branch office in Baghdad(Iraq)(1979)


Established M.L.A. Holdings Pty. Ltd. in Sydney(1981)
Started dealing in advanced electric/electronic products, glass fibers and other new compound industrial materials
Headquarters moved to Azuchi-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka (1984)
Established Saudi Factory for Electrical Appliances Company Ltd. as a joint venture with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Mohamed Saleh Abbar Co.
in Saudi Arabia(1986)
Established Sun Beam Corporation as a joint venture with Arimit su Industry Co., Ltd(1988)
Established a sales office in Tottori(1989)
Invested in HI ELES, a company from The Philippines(1989)



Established a liaison office in Shanghai (1994)
Established Shanghai Highly Nakano Refrigerators Co., Ltd. as a joint venture with Nakano Refrigerators Co., Ltd. in Shanghai
Established a sales office in Kumamoto (1996)
Moved the Saudi Arabia liaison office from Jeddan to Riyadh (1998)


Yasuhiro Chatani assumed the presidency (2000)
Joint venture of Suzhou BOE Chatani Electronics Co., Ltd. established in Suzhou, China(2002)
The SBC Division( Backlight Business) ISO9001 certification(2004)
and ISO14001 certification(2005)
New company inaugurated through corporate
separation with capital of J.Yen 260 million(2007)
Kei Ejiri assumed the presidency(2007)
Capital increased to J.Yen 310 million(2008)
OG Corporation acquired T.Chatani.& Co.,Ltd(2009)
Tokyo Branch moved to OG Tokyo Bldg.,Nihonbashi-honcho,Chuo-ku(2010)


Takashi Ikeda assumed the presidency(2014)
Ceremony of the tenth anniversary of OG group participation (2019)
Established Chatani Opto Electronics Science and Technology (Suzhou)Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, China(2019)


Tsuyoshi Funonki assumed the presidency(2020)
Headquarters moved to Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka (2021)