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4.Coloring Everyday Life


4.Coloring Everyday Life

Consumer Marketing Group

Unique and original interior goods that can add color to your life. We are designing and marketing high-quality wine industry products for professional purposes.

Furthermore, using our many years of experience, we provide solutions for every need, from the sale of original products for retailers and sales to major mail-order companies, to the coordination of production for OEM.

Interior Goods

Heartwarming and memorable gift items for both senders and receivers. Cherish important memories through our photo albums and picture frames.

Interior Goods

Wine Goods

Wine is loved by many people around the world. We are importing unique and high-quality wine-related goods that support the appreciation of wine culture into Japan from Europe and Asia.



We handle a wide variety of OEM products in areas such as interior goods and kitchenware in response to customer needs. We also handle original products for major mail-order companies and commemorative products for various campaigns.

OEM goods

EC Business

In addition to our wholesale business, we have also developed online retail outlets using major electronic commerce sites in Japan such as Rakuten and Yahoo!


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(Consumer Marketing Group Home Fashion Tokyo Team)
O.G. Tokyo Building 4F, 2-8-7 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku,Tokyo,103-0023, Japan

Telephone number ; +81-3-6677-2362
FAX number ; +81-3-6677-2370

(Consumer Marketing Group Home Fashion Osaka Team)

4- 1-43 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka 532-0003,Japan

Telephone number ; +81-6-6397-2074
FAX number ; +81-6-6397-2165